Teaching Classes in Acrylics and Oils throughout the year.
Call for times, schedule and fees.

Conducts plein-air classes and sessions. Call for scheduling.

December 2018
Espresso Cafe 
(Month of Dec.)
1265 S Seward Meridian Pkwy, Wasilla, AK

(Across from Walmart)

Past Events

January 2018
VFAA Group Showing
Kaladi Brothers Coffee
591 E. Parks Hwy, #200
Wasilla, AK

February 2018
Kaladi Brothers Coffee
591 E. Parks Hwy, #200
Wasilla, AK
(Carrs Shopping Center)

June 2018
Bearpaw River Brewing Company
4605 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Wasilla, AK

July 2018
July 14th
Snow Fire Gardens
Alaska Wild Bird Rescue Benefit
Quick Draw Event

May 1 through May 30 2017
Artist-in-Residency at Petrified Forest National Park


March 1 through March 30
Showing at the Bear Paw River Brewery
4605 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway,
Wasilla, AK 99654


For more information:
 Contact Jim at 907-892-5000 or   
The Boardwalk at 907-357-8980




September 1 - 14
Alaska State Parks
Aritst-In-Residents Pilot Program
Ernest Gruening
State Historical Park



"Mount Gruening - Beyond Peterson Salt-Chuck"

                                            Jim & Annie Leach